Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Instructional Model (Program)
Prevention: Building a Good Foundation
(Kindergarten to Standard 2)
Basic Plan

Early Intervention: Struggling Reader/ Dyslexic
(Kindergarten to Standard 3)
Study Plan 1
Study Plan 2

Remediation: Decoding below Grade Level/ Dyslexic
(Standard 4 to Adult)
Study Plan 3

Enrichment: Decoding at/ above Grade Level
Singaporean Syllabus
Study and Writing Skills

Implementation Plan
Basic Plan
Reading Skills

Study Plan 1 (Reading + Spelling)
Lesson Plan
Reading Skills

Study Plan 2 (Reading + Spelling + Comprehension)
Lesson Plan
Reading Skills

Study Plan 3 (Comprehensive)
Lesson Plan
Reading Skills
Word Study

Individualized Education Plan (IEP):
Helping Students to Achieve Grade Level in Selected Subjects
Curriculum depends on a student’s needs

Provide workshops for parents and teachers and parent-child support program

Monday, April 7, 2008

Sun Reading System

Why I develop it?
- to provide a multisensory, systematic, sequential and cumulative reading program that is
user-friendly for teachers and parents
- difficulty in finding decodable texts and exercises that complement each lesson plan
- to help busy parents who need to work consistently with their children at home
- to guide students who have learning and reading difficulties such as dyslexia
- to guide low progress students and those who have difficulty learning English as a second language (spelling, reading, comprehension and writing difficulties)

What is taught?
- phonological awareness
- sound symbol association (phonics)
- syllable instructions
- morphology (base words, roots, prefixes and suffixes)
- syntax (grammar, sentence variations and the mechanics of language)
- semantics (meaning and the comprehension of written language)

Components of the Reading System:It consists of 13 levels and five stages (colour coded). The materials consist of:
- lesson plans
- wordcards
- readers
- reading skills
- word study

Additional materials include:
- workbooks (grammar, comprehension and composition)
- books (decodable, fiction and non fiction)

Stage 1: Pink - Level 1 (#18), Level 2 (#8), Level 3 (#11)
Stage 2: Light Blue – Level 1 (#8), Level 2 (#23)
Stage 3: Green – Level 1 (#6), Level 2 (#22), Level 3 (#26)
Stage 4: Blue – Level 1 (#7), Level 2 (#7)
Stage 5: Orange – Level 1, Level 2, Level 3

# - number of lesson plan
Total: 136 lesson plans (Stage 1 - 4)

How long does it take to complete this reading system? It depends on- the age of the child and his or her background knowledge
- the child’s condition (the level of severity)
- the child’s ability to stay focus and to complete task
- the number of lesson plan a child and a tutor/parent can do in a week

A child (about nine years old, moderately dyslexic) may take about 1 to 11/2 year to reach his or her grade level. It may also take more than 2 years for some students who need more guidance to reach grade level.

Sun Reading SystemStage 1: Pink: Level 1, 2 and 3- Phonemic Awareness Training
- cvc patterns and high frequency words
- introduction to initial blends, oo, ee, sh, fszl rule
- introduction to punctuations- reading skills, comprehension (yes/no) and short vowels
- write simple phrases and sentences

Stage 2: Light Blue: Level 1 and 2
- initial and end blends + more high frequency words
- introduction to vowel team + VCe patterns + hard and soft c and g- 111 rule, silent e rule, inflectional ending, tenses, comparison of adverbs- more punctuations, singular and plural and prepositions
- reading skills, comprehension (yes/no, subjective, objective) and long and short vowels
- open syllable, closed syllable, Vce syllable and introduction to syllabication
- grammar (workbooks) and writing skills – sentences and short paragraphs

Stage 3: Green: Level 1, 2, 3
- vowel pairs + r-controlled words + digraphs
- 111 rule, silent e rule, y – rule, dictionary skills and syllabication
- homophones and multiple spellings
- writing skills
- silent letters, prefixes, suffixes- reading skills and comprehension (yes/no, subjective, objective)
- grammar, comprehension and composition (workbooks)

Stage 4: Blue: Level 1 and Level 2
- blends and three letter blends + a combination of 5 syllable types + compound words
+ multisyllabic words
- homophones, syllabication, prefixes and suffixes and dictionary skills
- reading skills and comprehension (subjective and objective)
- grammar, comprehension and composition (workbooks)
- double consonant letters, compound words + Cle syllable + more multisyllabic words
- review all six syllable types and schwa

Stage 5: Orange: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3
- advanced word skills and vocabulary building
- grammar and writing skills

The Focus Areas: phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding, encoding, sight word instruction, vocabulary development, word analysis, fluency, grammar, comprehension and writing skills.